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About the Coaches

Just two Oradell Moms who love the sport of cheerleading! While Janine Caruso and Nicole Lewandowski both have kids in the Oradell Public School system, they don't currently have anyone enrolled in the program, however you can spot their your daughters cheering on the cheerleaders!


Nicole has grown up cheering, she cheered at every level as well as competitively.  Nicole cheered at Ramapo High School and Seton Hall University. While in school Nicole coached and was able to build a competitive cheerleading program in her hometown. 

Janine landed in the sport of cheer after a highly successful and competitive career as a gymnast. Janine cheered at the famous Trinity Valley College for two years and graduated from Louisville. She has coached several youth programs in the area as well as supports local teams with their routines.

While combined Nicole and Janine have a tremendous amount of cheer experience, the Oradell Mini Cheer program could not run without the support from the RiverDell High School Cheerleaders. We greatly appreciate their support and commitment to our program and look forward to the continued partnership with them!

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