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What's a Cheer Parent?

As a Cheer Parent, you are needed at every practice. While Cheer experience is not required or necessary, you will be following your team from station to station where the RDHS cheerleaders will lead. We ask that cheer parents help keep the kids focused and excited. Since the stations are short, the athlete's focus and cooperation is needed. We could not run our program without the help from our parents and we are so grateful that you are willing to volunteer your time.


 All Directors, Coaches and Volunteers must complete the following requirements. These requirements are set by the Oradell Recreation Department and may change. The only exception to these rules are the student athletes that will be assisting from the high school. 

Required Steps:

 As per town ordinance:

  1. You must have an official, unexpired; government-issued photo identification. Examples: U.S. Passport, NJ driver’s license.

  2. You must attend and complete the three hour nationally recognized Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y. training clinic. It is free of charge for Oradell Residents Only. Contact your League President/Director for information.

  3. You must log onto “Community Pass”, and open an account. It is free, and doesn’t take long. This will be useful in many applications, such as when registering for item #2, above. Note: If it is anticipated that both a husband; wife will be coaching, you will each need to open an individual account for yourselves.

  4. You need to attend(virtually) and complete a Concussion Awareness program. Upon completion, please print out your certification, so you can show it to the required Recreation officials, and/or League Presidents. Go to “NFHS Learn”, click on “Concussion Courses”, and find the free course: Concussion in Sports.

  5. Complete a state-issued Background check, which includes fingerprinting. Go to: The website provides detailed scheduling instructions and a list of each unique service code. You’ll need a SERVICE CODE: 2F1J3Y AND THE “CONTRIBUTOR CASE # (aka, the Volunteer Registration #): B05003. (note: those are all zeros, not letter O’s)

  6. Finally, you must legibly PRINT your name, sign &; date the “Code of Conduct” form, after you have read it. Return it back to either the Recreation Director, or your appropriate League Directors.

Effective: September, 2021

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